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Yeah, we’re still here. But since there are only two of us that equates to four hands. And we have lives. Seriously, if we could sit on our bums all day knitting (and I crochet/quilt/annoy my husband with various crafts … Continue reading

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Sweater Power

In April, I went to Stitches South (yarn Mecca for me!) and was on a mission to do things: spend lots of money on yarn goodness and find the perfect yarn to make my mother a sweater. My mom doesn’t … Continue reading

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Warm Fuzzies

My dear friend Amber is going to be moving to San Francisco at the end of the month, B and I will surely miss her. Amber is full of awesomesauce because she saved our eldest child (cat) Sassy La Rue … Continue reading

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Top Secret

We’re still here knitting away. Really, we are knitting. And I finished up my top secret project but I can’t reveal it here until the recipient receives it via UPS. Thankfully, the knitting fairy did show up and assist me … Continue reading

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Knitting Fairy

I’ve been working on a present for my mom for two months and I’m on the last leg but it’s not done. The end doesn’t appear to be in site and I’m knitting every spare moment that I have so … Continue reading

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So you want to knit! Part 1

Have you ever walked into a craft/yarn store and was overwhelmed by all the yarns and needles facing you? You see women whipping around needles making garments at lightening speed and think, “I could never do that, I’d hurt myself!”? … Continue reading

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We’re Knitting Together!

Knitting? Really? Isn’t that something that people use to do before the Internet was invented and people had to sit by a radio to get news? Uh no. It’s an art form that is pretty darn cool (and gives you … Continue reading

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