Who are the Two Chicks?

Knitting? Really? Isn’t that something that people use to do before the Internet was invented and people had to sit by a radio to get news? Uh no.

It’s an art form that is pretty darn cool (and gives you the mad ability to whip up accessories in a jiffy – oops is my 50s showing?) that lets you make your own sweaters to fit your body, hats to fit your mood and a defense mechanism to get out of lame family plans.  “Aunt Sally, I can’t go to your fun Tupperware party, I’ve got to knit.”

Now, you’re probably wondering who are the Two Chicks behind the needles? You have Lisa, the savvy Chef by day and knitting Diva by night.  She’s learning all the ins and outs of handing needles, tackling new challenges with a single bound and saving people’s heads by producing hats faster than a speeding bullet. And she has a small addiction to all things Spud, as in potato. Honestly, one day, you’ll come to this blog and you’ll see the first knitted Mr. Potatohead ala Lisa.

The other chick is Jen.  She’s a reformed mathalete, who’s (not so) secret knitting identity is hidden by her computer geekdom.  She has a passion for socks and yarn, being able to discern fingering weight and DK with a single glance and will whip up a shawl in no time flat. Impressed, so would she be if she could knit that fast. Jen’s still in the learning game as well but more in the land of novice where she has to beat the evil projects of sweaters and lace.

If you’re willing to join these Two Chicks Knitting on an adventure of a lifetime as they tame wild yarn into beautiful projects, follow along as together we conquer the world with our needles, one knitted garment at a time.


2 Responses to Who are the Two Chicks?

  1. Corene says:

    I love Conan. How was it and who was on the show?

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