Yeah, we’re still here.

But since there are only two of us that equates to four hands. And we have lives. Seriously, if we could sit on our bums all day knitting (and I crochet/quilt/annoy my husband with various crafts as well – then that fab Lisa chick cooks like a mofo) we would.

Seriously. We’d have the world covered in yarn crafts in no time.

Unfortunately that life thing gets in the way. And I am in the process of buying a house where I’m going to get a whole craft room. Yeah, I’m still in a full body orgasm over that.

So, please stick around and we’ll be posting when we can and I believe that there will be some new item posts up soon. And, I’m going to have access to natural light for my items soon, so my pictures won’t have that fabulous glare of light bulb anymore.

If you all have any questions about, leave a comment and we’ll run quickly to answer. Much knitting love!

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