Sweater Power

In April, I went to Stitches South (yarn Mecca for me!) and was on a mission to do things: spend lots of money on yarn goodness and find the perfect yarn to make my mother a sweater.

My mom doesn’t ask for a lot but when she said she’d like a cardigan in a neutral color to wear to church (in the AC goodness that is indoor Florida) or something to keep her warm in the cool weather that blows through in the winter, how could I say no? Now good yarn is expensive, ranging anywhere from $5-$10 a skein and a sweater could take up a lot of skeins depending on the yardage in a skein. Honestly, I was estimating spending around $100-$120 on this project.

As Karen (another awesome yarn friend) and I were exploring the many booths, I came upon Adirondack Yarns, from Lake Placid, New York. The exciting part about this find is that my mom was born and raised an hour north of this fine town, so I was really interested in looking at their product line.

Perusing the wares, I stumbled across the kits – pre-packaged yarn and patterns – and there it was…the perfect sweater for my mom! It was a long, open cardigan made out of seven strands of lace weight cotton yarn (in white, cream, beige and brown) that made up the perfect neutral color.

It screamed, “MAKE ME FOR YOUR MOTHER!” Seriously, it was like listening to the Sorting Hat from Hogwarts.

How could I not comply?

Now that the sweater has been delivered to Mom (and she LOVED IT! thank you very much), I can share it with you guys. It took about 10 weeks to complete from start to finish and it was actually the perfect project for someone who had never made a knitted garment.

Now, I have several sweater project in the wings to tackle me.

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