Warm Fuzzies

My dear friend Amber is going to be moving to San Francisco at the end of the month, B and I will surely miss her. Amber is full of awesomesauce because she saved our eldest child (cat) Sassy La Rue Diva Superstar. See, Amber is a vet. Not just an ordinary vet but a SUPER vet.

Amber has been doing her residency in Houston in one of the best specialty veterinary clinic in the nation.  Unfortunately, we met her when Sassy was on the brink of death but with Amber’s great bedside manner and knowledge, we were able to save Sassy. And Sassy-cat has been doing great for the last three years – even though we do have to stab her (give injections) on a regular basis.

So, Amber, being the fabulous person that she is, graciously took care of Sassy and Lola when we were on our trip to L.A.. All while studying for her final vet exam and preparing to move. Did I mention that Amber is super woman? She is.

B and I are sad that Amber (and her girlfriend of great, Erika) are moving. But the least we could do for Amber is make her something fabulous to remember us by (okay I made it but I’ll give B credit too – and yes, I love parentheses), a knitted cowl.

The cowl was made using the Brennan pattern by Sara Peterson but I did a few modifications. I used an alternate color to finish off the i-cord bind off, which was quite easy to complete, and then I used that same complimentary color to make an edging. I crocheted around a single crochet then on the second row,I skipped two crochets and on the third I alternated six double crochets and a single crochet to anchor the scallop design. That’s it. I hope the cowl keeps Amber warm when the winds blown in off of the bay and gives her warm fuzzies of her friends back in Texas that miss her.

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