Knitting Fairy

I’ve been working on a present for my mom for two months and I’m on the last leg but it’s not done. The end doesn’t appear to be in site and I’m knitting every spare moment that I have so that I can get this project done. I need a knitting fairy to come in the middle of the night, pick up my needles and finish the piece. FINISH IT FAIRY!!!

The project is really simple because it’s just a stockinette and reverse stockinette stitch, pretty quick huh? No. It’s mind numbing and has no pizzazz.  The piece looks great but the actual work doesn’t make me want to get to it except that it’s a gift for my mom.

I will post the actual piece once it’s been delivered so you all can share the agony and joy of the work that caused me to lose my mind.

And a preview of whats to come on our happy little blog home: YARN and how to use it to drive your husband bonkers.

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