Simple 2×2 Rib Trim Hat

Back in August, I made a pink capelet for my Grandma Ethel. A little birdy told me she might be interested in a hat, so I decided to make her a matching one for Christmas. It’s a very simple hat, but also very cute so I thought I’d go ahead and share the pattern with you.

A beginning knitter can absolutely knit this hat. You need to know how to cast on, knit, purl, k2tog (knit 2 stitches together), knit in the round and use the magic loop method.

You’ll need approximately 100 yards of worsted weight yarn. I used Berroco Comfort in #9705 Pretty in Pink. You’ll also need one 16″ size US 9 circular needle.

For an adult, cast on 80 stitches. To make the hat bigger or smaller, add or subtract stitches in multiples of 8. This will make the decreasing easier. This makes for a fairly loose-fitting hat, which is what my Grandma wanted. Join to knit in the round and knit one round.

Now you’ll start the 2×2 ribbing. K2, P2 over and over again until you have about 2 inches of 2×2 ribbing.

For the body of the hat, simply knit all the stitches. Knit and knit until the hat measures 7 inches long from the very bottom to the very top.  Here’s a picture of it a little less than half way done:

Now you can start your decreases.

K6, K2tog (10 times)


K5, K2tog (10 times)


K4, K2tog (10 times)


K3, K2tog (10 times)


About now, you’ll have to start using the magic loop method mentioned above.

K2, K2tog (10 times)


K1, K2tog (10 times)


K2tog (10 times)


Cut a 12 inch tail and use a yarn needle to pull it through the remaining stitches. Now pull the tail through to the inside of the hat and weave in. Weave in the tail at the bottom of the hat. You’re done!

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Yeah, we’re still here.

But since there are only two of us that equates to four hands. And we have lives. Seriously, if we could sit on our bums all day knitting (and I crochet/quilt/annoy my husband with various crafts as well – then that fab Lisa chick cooks like a mofo) we would.

Seriously. We’d have the world covered in yarn crafts in no time.

Unfortunately that life thing gets in the way. And I am in the process of buying a house where I’m going to get a whole craft room. Yeah, I’m still in a full body orgasm over that.

So, please stick around and we’ll be posting when we can and I believe that there will be some new item posts up soon. And, I’m going to have access to natural light for my items soon, so my pictures won’t have that fabulous glare of light bulb anymore.

If you all have any questions about, leave a comment and we’ll run quickly to answer. Much knitting love!

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Great-Grandpa’s Buttons

My great-grandpa Socrat owned a dry-cleaning business starting in the late 1920s here in Los Angeles. He also did alterations during that time. Grandpa Socrat passed when I was in Kindergarten so I didn’t know him well, but I hear he was a great, kind man.

A few weeks ago, my Grandma Ethel (his daughter) told me she had a bunch of his buttons from the old days. I immediately told her I wanted them if she would part with them. Lucky for me, she was happy to!

Here are a few of my favorites.

Clear with blue rhinestone:

Tiny Stars:

Clear and purple flower:

You can see the rest of the most interesting buttons here.

It just so happens I am knitting my Grandma Ethel a capelet for her birthday. It’s based on Edith Eig’s Pink Mohair Capelet from her book Mother of Purl.

I am completely done with the knitting part. All it needs is a button or snap closure for the front.

I would love to use one of his buttons and I am trying to decide what to use. Vote for your favorite in the comments!

#1 – Purple (it’s pink enough to work) flower from above

#2 – Rhinestone Button (not sure it’s big enough, but I could try)

#3 – Pink Button (this is actually shiny on the flat part)

#4 – Pink Pearl-Finish Button

Help me decide! I’ll be giving the finished piece to her on Tuesday, August 10, 2010 so I’ll tally up the votes and make a decision that Monday morning. Thanks for your help!

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Sweater Power

In April, I went to Stitches South (yarn Mecca for me!) and was on a mission to do things: spend lots of money on yarn goodness and find the perfect yarn to make my mother a sweater.

My mom doesn’t ask for a lot but when she said she’d like a cardigan in a neutral color to wear to church (in the AC goodness that is indoor Florida) or something to keep her warm in the cool weather that blows through in the winter, how could I say no? Now good yarn is expensive, ranging anywhere from $5-$10 a skein and a sweater could take up a lot of skeins depending on the yardage in a skein. Honestly, I was estimating spending around $100-$120 on this project.

As Karen (another awesome yarn friend) and I were exploring the many booths, I came upon Adirondack Yarns, from Lake Placid, New York. The exciting part about this find is that my mom was born and raised an hour north of this fine town, so I was really interested in looking at their product line.

Perusing the wares, I stumbled across the kits – pre-packaged yarn and patterns – and there it was…the perfect sweater for my mom! It was a long, open cardigan made out of seven strands of lace weight cotton yarn (in white, cream, beige and brown) that made up the perfect neutral color.

It screamed, “MAKE ME FOR YOUR MOTHER!” Seriously, it was like listening to the Sorting Hat from Hogwarts.

How could I not comply?

Now that the sweater has been delivered to Mom (and she LOVED IT! thank you very much), I can share it with you guys. It took about 10 weeks to complete from start to finish and it was actually the perfect project for someone who had never made a knitted garment.

Now, I have several sweater project in the wings to tackle me.

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Warm Fuzzies

My dear friend Amber is going to be moving to San Francisco at the end of the month, B and I will surely miss her. Amber is full of awesomesauce because she saved our eldest child (cat) Sassy La Rue Diva Superstar. See, Amber is a vet. Not just an ordinary vet but a SUPER vet.

Amber has been doing her residency in Houston in one of the best specialty veterinary clinic in the nation.  Unfortunately, we met her when Sassy was on the brink of death but with Amber’s great bedside manner and knowledge, we were able to save Sassy. And Sassy-cat has been doing great for the last three years – even though we do have to stab her (give injections) on a regular basis.

So, Amber, being the fabulous person that she is, graciously took care of Sassy and Lola when we were on our trip to L.A.. All while studying for her final vet exam and preparing to move. Did I mention that Amber is super woman? She is.

B and I are sad that Amber (and her girlfriend of great, Erika) are moving. But the least we could do for Amber is make her something fabulous to remember us by (okay I made it but I’ll give B credit too – and yes, I love parentheses), a knitted cowl.

The cowl was made using the Brennan pattern by Sara Peterson but I did a few modifications. I used an alternate color to finish off the i-cord bind off, which was quite easy to complete, and then I used that same complimentary color to make an edging. I crocheted around a single crochet then on the second row,I skipped two crochets and on the third I alternated six double crochets and a single crochet to anchor the scallop design. That’s it. I hope the cowl keeps Amber warm when the winds blown in off of the bay and gives her warm fuzzies of her friends back in Texas that miss her.

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Top Secret

We’re still here knitting away. Really, we are knitting.

And I finished up my top secret project but I can’t reveal it here until the recipient receives it via UPS. Thankfully, the knitting fairy did show up and assist me with my super secret project so that it could be finished up for shipping. I can’t wait to hear the exclamation of joy (or shame that they are going to be wearing my work in public) over the phone.

But I will share with you all the item that’s taken 10 weeks of my life.

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8 1/2 Weeks

I have now been knitting for eight and a half weeks. I told you I was new to it! In that time, I have finished 7 projects. Not bad, right?

Two garter stitch scarves, two simple hats, 1 robot hat, 1 felted water bottle cozy, and a lace scarf that has taken me 3 of those 8 1/2 weeks.

It is this project I am most proud of. It’s my first attempt at lace and I think I did pretty darn well! The yarn was a gift from my friend Jenny. I made the scarf for Emelia’s birthday. She’s the teenage daughter of some family friends. I’ll give it to her in 3 days on the 4th of July. Teenagers can be picky, but I think she’ll like it.

My next project will be a pink capelet for my Grandma’s birthday. I have to finish it by the beginning of August. I love having set goals like this and I love giving out my projects even more.

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